TP-1 Data collection and management
Data will be uploaded from the TP-1 by the user whenever desired, again using the QView program and a communication device, such as the PDA supplied with the TP-1 system. In a typical installation intended to monitor over an indefinite period of time, the pressure data might be uploaded once per day to verify that appropriate setting are being used. Thereafter, it might be adequate to upload and review the data once or twice per month unless unusual conditions suggest otherwise.

The data files uploaded from the TP-1 to the communication device will be in an efficient “*.dat” file format. The steps to transfer the data from the TP-1 to a “user-friendly” format are covered in detail in the TP-1 Installation Manual provided with the system, and will typically be in this sequence:
The data is uploaded from the TP-1 to the internal memory of the communication device such as a PDA. The user will assign a filename, and it will facilitate file management if the calendar date of the upload is included in the file name. If more than one TP-1 is being used, we suggest that an identification of the location, or the serial number of the TP-1 should also appear in the file name. For example, a file name might be “07 20 2007 Superior Line.dat”
The data file, still in the “*.dat” format should be transferred from the PDA to the laptop or desk top using software provided with the PDA, to the computer that will be used for data analysis.
Data in the *.dat format will be loaded into a standard Microsoft Data Base using the QAnalyze software provided. There it will be stored in the “*.mdb” format, which is readily analyzed, and the user will assign a filename to this database, such as “Southfork Pipelines Pressure Data 2007.mdb”. Data from multiple TP-1’s and different locations can be loaded into the same database, and the analysis software will prompt the user to identify which data set is to be analyzed.
Once the user has confirmed the data file is completely uploaded, the operator should delete duplicate files. At this point the data in the “07 20 2007 Superior Line.dat” file will be stored in 3 different locations: the TP1-1, the PDA, and the desktop computer. It is important that the file be deleted from the TP-1 and the PDA to free up that storage and to avoid the necessity of transmitting a file that becomes excessive in size.