TP3 Transient Pressure Alert System released

July 31, 2014 News Release – Pipetech International Releases the TP3 Transient Pressure Alert System


July 31, 2014                                                              


Pipetech International announced today that it has released the TP3 Transient Pressure Alert System, expanding on the features of the workhorse TP-1 Transient Pressure Monitoring System. The TP3 provides a new and broader range of applications and greater responsiveness to the needs of the pipeline operator, including options

  • To set an envelope of normal operating pressure and receive an email alert within minutes if the boundaries are exceeded
  • To receive an email alert when any transient is detected
  • To receive an email summary of pressures for each day of operation
  • To add a second pressure transducer to monitor both sides of an operational valve, or both intake and discharge of a pump
  • To add other sensors to the 7 additional analog or 8 digital ports, enabling measurement of flow rate, valve positions, RPM, or other operating conditions


These capabilities add to the traditional TP1 Transient Pressure Monitoring System’s ability to:

  • record steady pressures at any interval from once per second to once per day
  • detect and record transient pressures up to 100 times per second
  • operate wirelessly via wifi
  • operate from anywhere in the world using QView , QUE, and the Internet
  • control other devices and integrate with SCADA or other systems
  • provide graphical analysis of recorded data
  • synchronize multiple units via the GPS satellite constellation for precise timing


Will Worthington, president of Pipetech International explains, “In some instances, severe transients have been detected and recorded, but the operator may not learn of this for weeks.  The ability to know immediately if damaging pressures have occurred will add a new dimension to pipeline management and maintenance.”  The proprietary TP-1 Transient Pressure Monitoring System was developed in 2004, and the US patent office awarded two patents to protect the TP3 from infringement within the USA.  It is revolutionary in that, for the first time, it allows a pipeline operator to monitor pressure within pipelines for indefinite periods and to detect and record randomly occurring pressure transients.  The TP1 is currently in use on every continent of the world.  The TP3 system can be purchased or leased from Pipetech International. It is available as an independent third party monitoring and data analysis service for engineers, contractors, manufacturers, pipeline owners, and pipeline operators.  For further information see www.pipepressure.com