TP1 Transient Pressure Monitoring System – Making a Dream Come True

May 7, 2012

Water users in San Luis Obispo County, California, have had a pipe dream for decades . . . the ability to convey water from Lake Nacimiento to users throughout the county.  The completion of the Nacimiento Water Project is described by Project Manager John Hollenbeck, P. E. and co-authors Carolyn Berg, Steven Foelimi, and Paul Kneitz in “Pipe Dream No More” published in Civil Engineering Magazine.  The TP1 Transient Pressure Monitoring System takes a quiet bow as Mr. Hollenbeck describes the installation of nine of these systems to provide a robust approach to avoiding problems in this pipeline project in the future.  These nine systems are integrated into the project’s SCADA system and ensure that personnel are aware of operational events, and more importantly, any transient pressure events that are unexpected. Pipetech International is proud to help this dream project stay in that category . . . and avoid the nightmare of transient pressure induced pipeline failure.