Pipetech International License to Blacoh Industries

Pipetech International recently licensed Blacoh Surge Control, part of the global Blacoh Industries Group, broad rights to manufacture and sell transient pressure monitoring systems covered by their US patents.

Pipetech International developed the transient detection system to address the need for pipeline operators to detect and record transient pressure events occurring randomly in water, wastewater and petroleum pipelines. Introduced in 2005, the system is unique in that it employs a patented system of dynamic pressure transducers and digital technology to monitor pipelines for indefinite periods of time. When a transient such as a pressure surge, pressure spike or water hammer event is detected, the system activates a high speed data recorder to record the event in detail. With this Blacoh SurgeWave transient monitoring system installed designers, engineers, manufacturers and operators can assess pipeline performance during transient events to include pressure, flow, and water level, and pump speed.

The system is a strategic addition to Blacoh Surge Control, which provides custom analysis and engineered solutions for sure control using surge vessels and control valves. According to Blacoh President Andrew Yeghnazar, “This technology enables us to leverage our expertise to address through proof-of-design the most comprehensive and efficient solutions for water hammer and transient events occurring in pipelines around the world.” Yeghnazar went on to explain that while the primary focus for transient analysis is currently in the water, mining and petrochemical sectors, Blacoh will be working with Pipetech International to develop additional capabilities for expansion into new markets.

About Surge Control

Blacoh Surge Control provides system-wide surge assessment and modeling services and customized engineering solutions for large scale pressure vessels and control valves used for surge protection, pressure regulation, storage, and pump control. Executive Vice President Frank Knowles Smith III is a well-respected trailblazer in fluid dynamics and is widely considered the industry’s foremost expert on surge control. For more visit www.BlacohSurge.com.

About Pipetech International

Pipetech International has been adopting cutting-edge technology to the challenging task of pipeline risk assessment and pipeline risk management since 1995. With experience in the design, construction, operation and failure analysis of pipelines, President Will Worthington and his team identify the technological needs of the pipeline industry and develop the systems to meet those needs. For more visit www.pipepressure.com.

The term control valves addresses: manual valves, actuated valves, air/vacuum valves (including 3-stage designs), check valves, pump control valves, pressure sustaining/pressure relief/surge anticipating/pressure reducing/flow control.