Water & Sewer Main Case Studies

Water & Sewer Main Case Studies

Greater Lawrence Sanitary District, Massachusetts – Case Study
The Greater Lawrence Sanitary District is faced with a particularly sensitive sewage force main located on the bank of the Merimac River. As part of their aggressive, proactive maintenance program, the GLSD is continuously monitoring this PCCP pipeline acoustically as part of an ongoing contract with Pure Technologies Inc. To provide even greater confidence in the integrity of the facility, GLSD continuously monitors this pipeline for transient pressures using Pipetech International’s proprietary TP-1 system, and displays that information real-time via their Internet site. The circumstances of this facility include raw sewage on the bank of a major watercourse that flows through highly-developed areas, and the history of problems associated with this PCCP manufacturer. The application of these cutting edge technologies has increased the confidence of the agencies and the owner that every practicable measure is being taken to protect public health and safety, and to operate this pipeline with the utmost care.


The transient pressure monitoring revealed that the force main was being subjected to excessive pressures during pump operations. The GLSD rehabilitated surge control valves and implemented a program of careful operation of the pumps during start and stop operations, making significant reductions in pressure surges.

For further information see Richard Weare, “PCCP Sewerage Force Main Structural Condition Assessment and Asset Management Approach,” ASCE Pipelines 2007 Proceedings, 2007